Marshmallow ballerinas Oh goodness - now, we've all seen cake pops, and we all know about what fun they can be for a party... so how about this for a theme, the ballerina party, complete with little marshmallow ballerinas!! We…

So cute for a little girl birthday party or baby shower! * Make These Adorable Marshmallow Tutu Pops Using Cupcake Liners *

They have something similar to this in the nursery at the village church except the balls are in a crib. My daughter loved it.

24 Fun Toddler Activities for Your Summer Bucket List

Playroom tour with lots of DIY ideas (ball pit for toddlers & kids). I LOVE THIS PLAYROOM! and we could so do the ball pit with one of Julia's pools!

DIY Scratch-Off Cards- These are perfect for your anniversary. There are all sorts of ideas you can come up with from cooking him dinner to running that errand he hates to do. #diyanniversarygifts Original source-

Funny pictures about DIY Scratch-Off Valentine Card. Oh, and cool pics about DIY Scratch-Off Valentine Card. Also, DIY Scratch-Off Valentine Card.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Birthday Party Ideas | Photo 1 of 7 | Catch My Party

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Birthday Party Ideas

Easy budget-friendly pink princess popcorn treat. This is a great birthday party dessert, looks great on a dessert table, and you can customize the color to match your party! |

Pink Princess Popcorn

Sensory Bottles for Little Ones. I made one with googly eyes (Landon's favorite!), gems, and confetti. He loves it!

Sensory Bottles for Little Ones

The Iowa Farmer's Wife: Baby & Toddler Sensory Bottles.made one with pipe cleaners & googly eyes.adorable, easy, quick and cheap (had everything already)!

Ballooons, how awesome... Save money too!

hang balloons on ribbon for a kid's party! Super cute and we have a great entry way into the living room now that this would work great for. Maybe for her birthday morning!

Tutus & Teacups birthday for little girls -- Michal, I just thought this was SO perfect and totally something I could see for the girls, if money wasn't a factor and if you hadn't already done the tutu theme last year ;-)

Tutus For Everyone: "Each little girl received a personalized tote bag for their tutu, crafts, tulle wand, jewels, and sweets. Cute for a little girl's party!

Ideas DIY para reutilizar las latas

Ideas DIY para reutilizar las latas