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Shiva Tattoo by ~Slumkvlt on deviantART

Here you will find most beautiful and attractive Shiva tattoo designs and ideas for your Shiva tattoos, Lord shiva beautiful tattoos and designs for men and women.

Mahadev Drawing: Posters | Redbubble

Shiva is here seen as Nataraja meaning the king of the dance art. Shiva is seen here crushing the demon apasmara(Ignorance) and beating the drum of crea. Shiva as Nataraja

BHAGAVAD GITA } and half an hour is known as concentration, meditation, and trance, respectively. Meditation and trance are the spontaneous re­sult of concentration. Meditation occurs when the mind stops oscillating off the point of concentration.

Realistic Lord Shiva Tattoo - Black Poison Tattoo Studio [I love the art and subtly of this - I'm not going to get a Hindu tattoo because I do not practice Hinduism, but damn this is an awesome tattoo]

Calm Lord Shiva Tattoo Shiva as Ardhanareeswara Lord Shiva is said to be half man and half woman.

Shiva Tattoo