Michael Christiansen

Michael Christiansen

Michael Christiansen
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1956 Chrysler Norseman Concept

The 1956 Chrysler Norseman was a one off show car built by Ghia in Italy for the Chrysler Corporation.

Closet space saver idea

Save Closet Space with Soda Pop Tab Another easy life hack is to use soda pop tabs to offset hangers. This will give you more space in the closet.

72 Hour Kits and Survival Bags Part 2

Self Reliance & Preparedness website shares an article of what in in his 72 hour Bug Out Bag. Having an disaster survival 72 Hour Bug Out and an emerge

Here's a list of at least 6 survival uses for cattails - http://SurvivalistDaily.com/6-survival-uses-for-cattails/ #survival

Cordage cattails have medicinal uses. To treat burns, scrapes, insect bites and bruises split open a cattail root and “bruise” the exposed portion so it can be used as a poultice that can be secured over the injured area.

5 Survival Uses of Pine Resin

5 Survival Uses of Pine . Use the resin to make shoes and other items waterproof. Light and heat. Make glue out of pine resin. Start a fire with pine resin.