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🐱Here your first look at the EXCLUSIVE Dolby Cinema poster from Lego Ninjago

Japanese LEGO builder Tomoyuki Wakata (aka “LEGOROBO“) has created a functioning custom LEGO sculpture of the animated character Catbus from Hayao Miyazaki’s classic film, "My Neighbor Totoro."

What's better than a LEGO Catbus? A LEGO Catbus with moving legs and tail, and bobbing head as it moves! If you love Hayao Miyazaki's 1988 masterpiece My Neighbor Totoro, you'd dig this LEGO Catbus by Tomoyuki Wakata.

Fanmade Iron Giant Lego

Look, if there's a cool The Iron Giant thing floating around, you can be pretty darn sure we'll post it. (by Chris Maddison, via /Film)

Chris McVeigh’s Customized Retro Technology LEGO Kits

Things you recognize from your childhood made out of things you also recognize from your childhood. Retro Technology LEGO Kits by Chris McVeigh