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These huge companies all started from a garage... what's YOUR excuse? Disney Apple Amazon Google I don't have a garage. - LOL Pics

When your girl picks up your phone but you're not a piece of sh*t so it's cool When you pick up your girls phone - LOL Pics

"Playing Fallout 4 after months immersed in Skyrim." - LOL Pics

Me at my funeral about to correct someone who said that I was a happy person who loved life - LOL Pics

When your sugar daddy finally puts your name on his will - LOL Pics

When you lose your job due to the pandemic - LOL Pics

My face when they point the temperature gun at me to take my temperature... - LOL Pics

Me: Will my crush accept my friend request? Time traveller: You mean your wife? Me: - LOL Pics

“Don't judge a book by its cover" The graphic designer whom job is to make the covers: Am I a joke to you? - LOL Pics

Me in the shower trying to remember if I used shampoo - LOL Pics

Cashier have too much change - LOL Pics

At last I found John from my math textbook Who buys 250 bananas for no reason - LOL Pics

Шней чоц яеаlіzэ чоц кай мispelle яапсом ЕиюlіѕН Шояds то маке іт lоок ЯЦssiaй КоммциisT - LOL Pics

Just go out and meet new people Woah. This is worthless! - LOL Pics

Everyone: measure with meter Americans: - LOL Pics

Kids in 2055 when they see that theres a different history unit for every week of 2020: - LOL Pics