Hydroponics system

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All You Need to Know About Hydroponics

With everything happening around the world, it's no wonder we worry about our future. A hydroponics system is one way we can provide for ourselves without having to rely on others.

Deep Water Culture (DWC): What Is It And How To Get Started

Deep water culture is one of the simplest ways to get into growing plants hydroponically, but it sounds very confusing and complex. Let's break it down!

Seed Starting: Easy Setups for Home Gardeners | MOTHER EARTH NEWS

Glean creative ideas for real-world seed-starting setups, from soil blockers to mini-greenhouses, so you can grow your own vegetable seedlings at home.

13 DIY Aquaponics Systems to Suit Any Budget

Did you know it is possible to have your own aquaponics system no matter what space you have available? Read here to see how to make it a reality!

Pot dari kepala botol plastic bekas air minum untuk bertanam hidroponik.

Bagi anda yang sudah biasa bertanam hidroponik pasti sudah tidak asing lagi dengan istilah “net pot” atau pot – pot kecil yang bagian bawah dan sampingnya berlubang yang berfungsi untuk jalan keluarnya akar supaya bisa menyentuh air nutrisi untuk pertumbuhan tanaman. Biarpun harganya murah, tetapi ketika perlu dalam jumlah banyak jadinya ya perlu dana banyak juga. Contoh gambar net pot Saya selaku orang yang suka hidroponik dan tinggal di kota kecil dimana sarana hidroponik susah dicari…

Homemade Aquaponics Plans

A look at the benefits of Homemade Aquaponics Systems. And why It may be for you.

20 Easy DIY Gutter Garden Ideas • Garden Decor • 1001 Gardens

Designing and growing your herb garden in a gutter garden is fun and exciting, no matter how basic your DIY ability. A great vegetal wall is easy to create!

14 Best Plants To Grow In Your Hydroponics Garden

There is a variety of plants, herbs and veggies that you can grow in your hydroponic garden. All you need is the right techniques to grow. Read on

Deep Water Culture For Plants: How To Build A Deep Water Culture System

Have you heard about deep water culture for plants? It?s also referred to as hydroponics. Maybe you have a gist of what it is and how it can be used but, really, what is deep water hydroponics? This article will explain more.


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Why are my plants turning yellow?

To know why your plants are turning yellow, you must know about the following that affects plants growth.

HydroCycle Dutch Bucket Systems

Complete HydroCycle Dutch Bucket Systems do all the work for you. Systems come complete with all the components necessary to start growing hydroponically.• Tan, 11-Liter Dutch Buckets are made of durable, long-lasting PolyMax®.• Easy Drain Reservoirs and Lids are BPA free and come with the systems.• Heavy-Duty Digital Timers are ideal for worry-free operation.• All plumbing accessories are also included.• HydroCycle H1-10 System is ideal for the hobby grower. It comes with one row of ten…

Hydroponics DIY - How To Start Your Own Hydroponic Garden

Find DIY Home Improvement, Aquaponics, Hydroponics, Solar Panel, Woodworking And Crafts.

33 Amazing Hydroponic Systems For Indoor Gardening

You'll never believe some of these hydroponic systems! These are great ideas for vertical gardening, indoor gardening, or gardening outside your natural region.

Innovators Target Urban Farming

Urban farming has grown to be a subculture of sustainability that has received a fair amount of theoretical interest and study, but not a great deal of realization. For all of the interesting possibilities that urban farming is thought to enable, there have been enough hurdles to slow down any meani…