Stelton Cutlery

Two friends, Stellan and Carton, merged their first names to form one of Denmark’s best design brands, Stelton. Originally a trading company, selling sports shoes and furniture Stelton acquired a small factory called Danish Stainless that produced stainless steel tableware. In the 1960s, Stelton began making vogue stainless steel hardware. Becoming famous in the US, Stelton was at the forefront of Danish Design and has been ever since.
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Stelton EM Cutlery  Scandinavian design at its best. EM, created in 1995 by Erik Magnussen, reflects the sleek, minimalistic design, typical of Scandinavian style. Modern satin-polished surface and slight curves distinguishes EM amongst other patterns. Magnussen has combined functionality and design in such a perfect symbiosis to create a true masterpiece.

Stelton - EM Bestik - Design by Erik Magnussen

Stelton Tiki  Tiki, created in 1974 by Tias Eckhoff, is a timeless cutlery-pattern. It contrasts dramatically between angular and rounded shapes. Tiki was chosen by airlines as business class cutlery for aircraft. Tiki’s combination of a firm grip for most people and being manoeuvrable means that it is a great tool for culinary delights. This cutlery pattern is a perfect choice for great design at an affordable price.

Design by Tias Eckhoff Tiki was introduced in 1974 and has been a timeless cutlery-pattern since then. Due to its dramatic contrast between a rectangular and so

Stelton Una Cutlery.  Una, inspired by Bauhaus and designed by Tias Eckhoff in 1973, has been awarded Royal status by the Norwegian crown. A complete set was given to the Norwegian Prince on his wedding day in 2001. The pattern is also displayed permanently in the Design museum in London. Its form harmonises from top to bottom with drop-shaped handles and rounded heads to facilitate a comfortable and stable grip.

Awarded Royal status by the Norwegian crown, Una itself is slender yet exhibits heavy round curves.

Maya 2000 was launched at the turn of the new century, nearly 40 years after Eckhoff initially created the outstanding classic, “Maya”. The 2000 model has the same appearance as its sisterpattern, but with some variation. Maya 2000 is longer and more slender than its sister. This means that the triangular form, characteristic of both patterns, appears more streamlined. This contemporary take on a classic design makes Maya 2000 synonymous with the modern table setting of the 21st century.

He designed the original Maya cutlery - an ikon within Scandinavian Design - in 1962 for Norstaal. Maya 2000 is a modernized redesign of the original Maya.

Stelton Aztec Cutlery.  Designed in 1965 by Don Wallance, Atztec has all of the classic and iconic characteristics of its decade. Rounded edges ensure a comfortable grip, while the tapering handles give a light and manoeuvrable feeling to the cutlery. Don Wallance is one of America's best-known designers and Aztec is part of his complete design archive exhibited permanently at The Cooper-Hewitt Museum in New York.

Atzec Cutlery by Stelton

Stelton Magnum Cutlery.  Magnum cutlery has heavy handles and generous proportions. Launched in 1968 and designed by Don Wallace, Magnum exhibits concave curves that accentuate the whole pattern. A combination of sizeable proportions and elliptical shape mean that Magnum “simply feels right” in the hand. Magnum has endured as a Scandinavian classic that reflects a magnificent era in design history.

Magnum cutlery lives up to its name with heavy handles and generous proportions.

Stelton Capelano   This cutlery is the latest series created by Stelton, introduced in 2004. Designed by award-winning Norwegian designer Johan Verde, Campelano cutlery’s aesthetics and functionality go hand in hand. Long, slim and elegant in shape, where the twisting form between handle and blade has become an inspiration to modern design. Capelano fits perfectly with modern table settings.

Capelano by Stelton

Stelton Chaco   Chaco, designed in 1990 by Tias Eckhoff, has sleek and attractive lines, creating elegant cutlery and balancing in the hand. Chaco has the character of Scandinavian taste and the slim and slender handles are stereotypical of its time. Although being relatively modern, Chaco is a perfect fit with classic designer table settings as well as those of contemporary style.

Stelton - Chaco by Tias Eckhoff

Stelton prisme.  Prisme, designed by silversmith Jørgen Dahlerup and designer Gert Holbek, is a timeless classic, yet continues to be appropriate in a contemporary setting. Simple and beautiful, Prisme has received prizes for innovation in design due to its characteristic triangular idiom.

Stelton "Prisme" cutlery Got it for Christmas :)

Maya, designed by Tias Eckhoff in 1962, is a Scandinavian classic. The handle's wide and strong shape narrows triangularly and feels heavy and comfortable in the hand. Stelton Maya cutlery received the "Award for Design Excellence" and "Classic Award for Design Excellence" by the Norwegian Design Council and is displayed at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and The Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Stelton Maya Bestikk, 32 dele - GRATIS levering i dag