white kitchen

Guest floor or attic space kitchen space idea, add on/expansion of wet bar in smaller spaces. white kitchens by the style files

Now, this is really  up to you in the end, but I think this might be a good starting point for the kitchen.

Eeekkkk I love it! Maybe I can have a pink wing of my dream house. Pink Kitchen - paired with the stainless backsplash it really is great. I might take the pink off the baseboards and top of wall tho to tone it down a little

space saving ideas and layout designs for small kitchens

Small Kitchens and Space Saving Ideas to Create Ergonomic Modern Kitchen Design

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Nice & compact. Probably could use a few more cm of counter-space between the cooker and fridge. For setting stuff on.

kitchen of Danish interior designer Tina Offshore Wind, photo by Kira Brandt, published in Bo Bedre Magazine

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