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These 5 kid-friendly recipes are so creative and fun to make with your kids for an afternoon snack or a packed lunch for summer camp. See what other animals you can make out of ingredients like fresh (Easy Ingredients Recipes)

Grøn kartoffelsalat med krydderurtedressing (Recipe in Danish)

Grøn marineret kartoffelsalat med ærter

- Grøn kartoffelsalat med krydderurtedressing - Green Potato Salad with herb-capers-mustard dressing

Først sætter han kartoflen på en pind - men så kommer tricket, der får mundvandet til at løbe |

How to make a spiral potato tornado. Using a potato and a kebab skewer you can make a spiral slice all the way along a potato. You could dee.

Grammy Gs Advice for Life: WHY I LOVE PALLETS

DIY Garden Tool Organizer : upcycle a wooden palette by hanging onto the wall of shed or garage to store garden tools (Lowe's Creative Ideas Pallet Project).

Farsbrød med bacon og ost