File this under Growth MIndset tools! This is a wonderful anchor chart. Perhaps one of the few times I might include the "what not to do" when coaching, teaching or modeling!

What's Under Your Cape? A Book Study Blog-Hop

Great chart for developing self-esteem in the classroom. A damaged self-esteem can wreck your career and harm your relationships. You can turn your life around by working on your self-esteem, and this guide will give you all the resources you need.

Even when survivors distance themselves from a toxic person, we often still hear their voice in our heads, drowning out our own inner-voice and reaffirming the doubt that was planted a long time ago. In effect, we have a bully in our head.

Help! There Is a Bully In My Head

Irrational vs Rational Thoughts, be sure to never say irrational things even in gest in front of the kids. This is self esteem vs. Self Efficacy

Self-esteem daily journal. I'm starting this tomorrow! It'll help me focus on the positives in my life while I start my recovery, or at least help me think about the positives more than the negatives :-)

Small Group Counseling Might be a good way to startOT Mental Health Groups Self-Esteem Journal template - changing thought patterns

Intet er helt væk

Intet er helt væk

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This = ME. Talk about an overachieving worrywart introverted daydreaming perfectionist drama queen!!

Personality types prone to mental health conditions (infographic): A helpful chart to keep yourself and your mental and emotional states in healthy balance.

Writing an essay for a college application or class? Don’t forget to get organized and figure out your writing process! #writing #college

write my research paper for me for free The writing process according to school mandates. I find it .

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