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AWWW bucky and rocket

Rocket compared to the Winter Soldier. When I watched Guardians of the Galaxy in theaters, I was not expecting Rocket to say anything like this and I started crying.

Forgotten by ElJore

A short list of things often forgotten by D&D players. This is based in the show Critical Role Forgotten

A Dwarf and a hammer, now that's religion!

Because some firefly quotes apply just perfectly to D&D. (The drawing was just a warming sketch, someday I'll take the time to redo the poster with . Motivational poster: Blunt weapons for clerics

Agent of SHIELD | hands down...THE best reaction! It's about time they recognize Coulson for who he is!

from Marvel's Agents of SHIELD. This scene right here was the BEST scene in the entire season, because it says EXACTLY what we all knew the entire time.

ME: The Morning War by *Abadir on deviantART

This is the reason behind the Quarian/Geth war. Yes, a Mass Effect fanart. Other "Mass Effect: Priorities" strips: ME: The Morning War