Trace Your Arms and Mail A Hug to your Grandparents! #mail #grandparentsday #valentines

Send a hug! >Trace Your Arms and Mail A Hug to your Grandparents. Could do it on Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day or Grandparents' Day.

Unicorn thoughts.

Unicorns, I love them. Unicorns, I love them. Uni uni unicorns, I love them.


ExLibrisJournals: love quote dictionary art - I Want to be Your Favorite Hello, Hardest Goodbye print - vintage art book print - love quote dictionary art.

hello cutest kid ever.

Reminds me of Edna Mode from The Incredibles. Haha, but this kid is too cute!

Good reminder. Hopefully Uni will end this way.

My new favorite quote that I just posted on FB from The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel!

Fun fruits

Great idea for if you sell fruit, I couldn't remember. Link for free printable tags for fruit in your child's lunchbox. The site has lots of cute, creative food presentations to get kids eating healthy.


This would be fun just to tack up on the library bulletin board. It would give a few people a smile :) and put up different Scripture - The Word of God, and to be reconciled to God is what we all need, Jesus Christ does just that : BELIEVE

<3 <3

I Waste So Much Time

Disney Challenge Day 24 Movie that makes you cry: UP. This is the saddest Disney/Pixar movie EVER!

kiss | Denis Carrier

it has a touch of uniqueness about it and it shows the true kiss of love in the word.

i. love. you. {heart}.

"fingers sign collage, perfect idea for wall art." Cute idea, but this really annoys me. It ought to be the correct sign language signs for the letters, IMO.

Take a look at this Blue 'Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader' Print by Ellen Crimi-Trent on today.I might use this for the kids reading corner :)