Christoffer Thor Paulsen

Christoffer Thor Paulsen

Denmark / Architecture & Design student. Aalborg University in Denmark.
Christoffer Thor Paulsen
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built in sofa with storage -- plywood wall -- The guesthouse has similar built-ins and is outfitted with a reproduction rotating sconce by Serge Mouille and rugs by Stephanie Odegard. -- Interior of a modern guesthouse in Sea Ranch with comfortable bui

Build Your Own Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine On The Cheap - Didn't realize vertical wind turbines existed. The scale of this one and the fact that it supposedly doesn't require gale force winds to produce power makes it definitely worth looking into.

How to build a simple, inexpensive vertical-axis wind turbine The Zoetrope is a vertical-axis wind turbine (VAWT) made from materials commonly found at your local hardware store and a few easily purchased online, and Applied Sciences

My 5 DIY Solar Air Heaters. Compilation vid. of the Solar Air Heaters i've made. the 5 types are: Steel Down-Spout solar heater, Steel Can solar heater, Aluminum Can solar heater, Screen Absorber solar heater and a channel/baffle solar heater. youtube desertsun02

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Build Your Own Soda Can Solar Heater. Perfect for heating a Greenhouse or small garage Visit

Build Your Own Soda Can Solar Heater. Perfect for heating a Greenhouse or a small garage The basic premise of the project is to build a simple box out of some stack a hundred or two black-painted soda cans inside with some adhesive, and stick a.