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#wattpad #random Hey potterheads, In this book, you'll see: #1 facts #2 movie's mistakes #3 deleted scenes, behind the scenes, and movie's scenes #4 jokes #5 quotes, different sentences, and other random stuff about Harry Potter And if you haven't read or seen Harry Potter, you'll never know love, or friendship...

Yeah, that's true. I took Pottermore and I got Ravenclaw, so I'm glad my friends and me don't have to die any time soon. I can find a solution! <<<I got Ravenclaw and Slytherin XD XD I guess my solution involves killing someone.

Proof that Uncle Rick is a fanboy<<<<<<and he also mentions many other books and tv shows and movies at other points

Also in son of Neptune Percy asks if there some kind of train they could take a train instead

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Honestly, Leo would burn everything to the ground if it wasn't for the rest of the crew

Lol I can't get up

Luke is not amused by *FlockeInc on deviantART sooooooo funny>>>>>Oh, no. I got Luke and Jason confused for a minute!

Please notice that the Percy Jackson one says "half blood camp." I feel very uncomfortable

Harry Potter fans - "I wanna go to Hogwarts!" Percy Jackson fans - "I wanna go to The Halfblood Camp!" Narnia fans - "I wanna go to Narnia!" Hunger Games fans - "I'm ok".