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I need some shades.

When Pozzo is busy speaking with Didi and Gogo and is not in need of Lucky's services, we are led to understand that Lucky falls asleep standing up. This very cute doggy is representative of Lucky's exhaustion, which is so extreme that he can sleep whilst

Well that was awkward

Well that was awkward


this looks like josh freaking out about tyler climbing some freaky shit and tylers response

Twenty one pilots stuff

“tyler looks so good in red ”

Twenty One Pilots

Doki Doki Literature Club Charm Ideas by ChibiYouko

I played Doki Doki Literature Club. xD Anyway, here are some charm ideas I had in mind.

#yaoi, #haikyuu, #kagehina awwwwww❤

I love how they were playing "Fly High" which is one of the intros

Yes, Daniel! Defend your man against the evil squirrels!

Rare image of Daniel Howell flipping off a squirrel must be the one that attacked Phil