Christina Stegler Lorentzen

Christina Stegler Lorentzen

Christina Stegler Lorentzen
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These Sister Tattoo

Black & White Line Drawing Folk Art-Style Matryoshka Russian Nesting Dolls Sisters Forearms Tattoos --- This could also be done for a mother and her two daughters, which would be a perfect fit (ha ha ha) for my Polish family!

tat... squares or diamonds instead maybe

You've shared clothing with your brothers and sisters, a room together during your childhood, and everything in between. Now you can share matching sibling tattoos. Sure, there was that one time your brother snapped the head off of your Malibu Barbie

The deathly hallows symbol with all 7 horcruxes incorporated into it. With the words all was well underneath

Amazing Harry Potter tattoos are essential for an Harry Potter fan. In need of inspiration? Check out these 27 amazing Harry Potter tattoos!

celtic knot, probably my next tattoo, and the boyfriend's first.

Celtic traditions and culture may be viewed as ancient customs by some but their influence is undeniable given the number of symbols used today.