we were always outside riding bikes

we were always outside riding bikes, this reminds me of me in the my sister and I would ride bikes up and down our Seattle neighborhood never worried about speeding traffic.time has changed how people drive.

© August Sander WHAT AN EXCEPTIONAL SHOT IS THIS? the little house, that baby on the big bike and the dog, naturally. August Sander is hardly a snap shooter. I'm not an expert enough about old cameras to tell what this was shot with.


Girl Riding Tricycle, ca 1915 . I've never seen a tricycle of that era before!

Atelier Robert Doisneau's Tour Eiffel

Robert Doisneau: Le remorqueur du Champs de Mars, Paris, 1943 Walters smith Honore this would be such a cute picture to reenact with Cecily and Ambrose when they are older. Obviously maybe not in Paris though haha

Josef Koudelka: Gypsies

Josef Koudelka was Czech photographer born in 1938 in Boskovice, Czechoslovakia. He started photographing his family and the surroundings with Bakelite cam

Reminds me when my dad taught me to ride a bike..Dad would run along with me.

15 Things You Should Be Thanking Your Dad For

Reminds me when my dad taught me to ride a bike.it was Sunday so the parking lot of what was at the time Kaufmann's Dept store. It was just Mom, Daddy & me. Dad would run along with me.

Just love the chopper bike. 70s

Docs, Choppers, longhair and bad knitwear… that was pretty much my cultural orbit until PUNK ROCK exploded. Note the bike rider combining his jeans taken up to above his boots AND flared. The original “double denim.” Also bonus points for the scarf.