I just painted my little girls nails today.the magic in her eyes as I swept the glittery paint across her nails. I cherish these little moments.


Embracing Your Inner Child // "Take the time to appreciate the sun, enjoy your coffee, laugh with your friends, listen to your favorite song, spend time with your family…we can still enjoy the little things that make us happy.

little rinah @Carissa from {Carissa Miss} from {Carissa Miss} from {Carissa Miss} Gallo

Can’t handle the cuteness! Photo by Andrew and Carissa Gallo (via Corinne Bailey Rae)

Martine Franck - Bibliothèque pour enfants (Children's library). Clamart, France, 1965. S)

This is a photo by Henri Carier-Bresson I like this one becaue it has a leading line angle in and I like the way how he took this picture looking up spiral stairs with people popping their heads up,

Inspiration for an Indian costume: beautiful new paper work by Fideli Sundqvist for the papier mache magazine. Photography by Maria Wretblad.

Photography for Canadian record label More Than Human

New Brand Identity for More Than Human by Bedow - BP&O