Hand lettered wrapping paper.

DIY hand-lettered wrapping paper - use a chalk pencil on brown kraft paper (or a paper grocery bag) and spritz with hair spray to set it

Black and White + Brown Paper

make your gift wrapping lovely with woodland christmas tags & gift wrap guide

Beautiful black velvet bow on Brown paper package. Make your gift wrapping lovely with woodland christmas tags & gift wrap guide

The Little Design Corner | Take one gift | Wrap it 5 ways | Brown kraft | Christmas | Gift wrapping ideas

Sep 25 Modern gift wrapping


People express feelings of love or appreciation through gifts. Beautiful wrapping embellished with personal touches makes gifts even more thoughtful. While some look at gift wrapping as a chore,.

Marble paper and gold wire wrapping.

simple things

DIY - I wrapped my gift into Ferm Living´s Marble Wallpaper and some copper string arround it. Between the copper string I thread flowers and sprigs to bring some sensitivity into my gift _ WEEKDAYCARNIVAL : simple things

clever gift wrapping with paper bags, construction paper, tape, stampers and small clothespins

brown paper kraft bags with black stamped tags and pegs. Gift or present wrapping and packaging ideas.

DIY Splatter Painted Gift Wrap

DIY Splatter Painted Gift Wrap for christmas-- kraft brown paper, twine, and a bit of green.

kraft paper | herb adorned gift wrap

Local Milk x Little Upside Down Cake Portugal Photography & Styling Workshop DIY wrapping ideas, craft paper, tag and leaves