Volcanic Ash Rivers in Iceland by Russian photographer Andre Ermolaev off Iceland's Southern coast. Iceland is home to 30 volcanic systems.

Pink Geyser, Iceland

Why Is Everyone So Angry About That Pink Geyser

Pink Geyser, Iceland ( the artist Marco Evaristti put red paint into the geyser.

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Best Bed and Breakfast in Valencia Spain , with yoga, meditation and more . Bed and Breakfast Valencia Mindfulness Retreat Spain ( source : Tripadvisor )

Sunrise over Mount Rainier in Washington - 4 more sunrises on our blog:

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"Flash Frozen" - Fine methane bubbles on Lake Minnewanka, Banff National Park…

Flash frozen fine methane bubbles, Lake Minnewanka, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada by Paul Zizka.

16 lovely coffee shops to visit in London. Farm Girl in Notting Hill has a beautiful rose latte.

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Ice Castle in Silverthorne, Colorado it's a "must" place to go. Winter fun at the Ice Castle If you visit in the daytime, you can see how a castle is made!

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. - Fiftieth amongst the US states alphabetically and fiftieth in terms of population, Wyoming is the perfect place to escape the crowds and take in the vast beauty that America's heartland has to offer. Note The 10 Most Beautiful Towns In Wyoming from More

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