Ah, I could just picture myself lying there in the dock feeling relaxed in a tranquil surrounding.

Ashley Smith: Model To Watch

Ashley Smith: Model To Watch

@Jen Brown  This makes me think of Minnesota and washing our feet--- <3

david hamilton -- the british photographer known for his soft focus images of young women. much like sally mann, hi.

our food stories: glutenfree beetroot cake with date sugar & a trip to the lake

Gluten-free Beetroot Cake with Date Sugar & a Trip to the Lake

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In one scene, Kate does a photo shoot for an aspiring model. I like this picture because the girl seems so happy.

@anjarubikblog - Edit November 2014 Nico @ShotviewBerlin via @NETAPORTER  for #composition #motion

Anja Rubik Stuns for the Edit, Talks Naked Images

Anja Rubik in “Deep Waters” / Photographed by Nico / Styled by Natalie Brewster, for The Edit November 2014