For outside parties, bury glowsticks in the ice.

Fun Party Idea ~ Bury Glowsticks in the Ice.Great Idea for an Outside Party, Halloween Party, Neon Themed Party, etc.Obviously for a kids one. NON-alcoholic beverages in the the ice

Large Ice cubes for pitchers. Must remember this for summer.

Use muffin pan to make large Ice cubes for a pitcher of iced tea. Floating lemon slices in the cubes is a good idea too. In fact, make the ice cubes out of tea.

Cooler corn...easy way to cook corn on the cobb especially for a large cooler... 2 kettles of  boiling hot water poured over the corn and close. Twenty to thirty minutes later...perfectly cooked corn that stays that wayfor a couple of hours.

Awesome idea for a large summer cookout or at the beach with family. Put shucked corn in a cooler. Pour boiling water over corn then close the cooler. In about 30 minutes you have perfectly cooked corn.

Summer meal - Seal peppers, potatoes, zucchini and sausage in an aluminum foil pouch and grill for a quick dinner.

Toss chopped peppers* potatoes* zucchini* red onion and sausage (I used turkey kilbasa) with olive oil* salt* pepper and garlic powder. Seal in an aluminum foil pouch and bake at 400 for minutes. You can also grill this.

painted flower pots & saucers to hold silverware at a gathering

Clever idea for entertaining. Use unused flower pots for silverware holders. Adds a nice pop of color to the buffet.

Cooking Around the Campfire: 9 Easy and Delicious Foil Packet Recipes

9 Foil Dinner Recipes

Cooking Around the Campfire: 9 Easy and Delicious Foil Packet Recipes--for Girl Scout Juniors earning their Camper badge. (Let girls choose the recipe they want to try and make the foil packet to make this girl-led!

10 Easiest Camping Dinners

Mexican Recipes, Dishes and Ideas from

Watermelon Hedgehog

So cute for a summer picnic or birthday party! It's a hedgehog watermelon, Cathy! A hedgehog watermelon!

Banana Boats - camping!

Banana Boats

Campfire Banana Boats- with marshmallows and chocolate chips(Six Sisters' Stuff: 25 Delicious Camping Recipes)

I dækning! Så er der baconbomber. :) Hakket oksekød og barbecuesovs pakket ind i løgskaller og masser af bacon - det er da ufatteligt lækkert!


25 Tips For Making Camping Easier:  Easy Camping Pancakes  -  A Mum ‘n The Oven  When preparing to leave home, fill baggies with pancake batter, tie off the end and when you are ready, just snip the small ends to use as a piping bag and you are ready to cook!

10 Clever Ideas That Will Make Camping Easier And More Fun

Pre-made Pancake Mix in ziploc Bag. Make pancake batter and put in freezer bags. Pull out of the freezer to thaw, snip off a corner of the bag, and you have a quick & mess free pancake mix!

graduation party ideas

good idea for the fire pit in the back! s'mores bar - perfect fun at the fire pit

Ranch-Style Steak Kabobs recipe -         We love grilling "ahas!" Like brushing potato, tomato and steak kabobs with ranch dressing for a juicy grilled main. So simple. So good. The secret's out.

Ranch-Style Steak Kabobs (Dinner, GF) (New potatoes, ranch dressing, beef sirloin steak, cherry tomatoes)