Halloween 2012

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Lettuce inspire you! An adorable dress made from vegetables. Such a cute picture.

Salad Dress Hey there green fanatics! Push your organic-sustainable-veggie-lifestyle in the overdrive with the Salad Dress, created by Sara Hillenberger. No pollution, no child labor and no animals where hurt making of this dress. Its a utopian green

mooooore lettuce

Horticouture: Where Garden, Food, and Fashion Merge (Gown made of lettuce leaves and necklace made of peppers)


Lettuce Dress by :Kel-Z

Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano has been a vocal vegetarian for years -- the image above is from a campaign she did with PETA in 2008 in which she wears a dress made of asparagus, lettuce and other vegetables -- and according to a new interview, she's continuing her me

vegan dress?

Should Lady Gaga Wear a Lettuce Dress in India?

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