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Tags: "animal" "butterfly" "night" "sad" "scenic" "skirt" "stars" "umbrella" "underwater" Artist: "Megatruh"-this is realy freaking awesome :D I always want to look this pic all the time

Some of these pics are just so amazing, wish I could draw like this

i thought that the skirts of japanese public school uniforms were supposed to touch the ground when you kneeled? LOL -- never knew that, and that rule doesn't apply to animes.

pretty anime girl with umbrella

Artwork from "Sword Girls" series featuring girl wearing blue gothic lolita dress by manga artist

✮ ANIME ART ✮ anime. . .school uniform. . .seifuku. . .sailor uniform. . .bike. . .peace sign. . .cute. . .kawaii

Anime picture original doraragi single tall image short hair brown hair signed looking back light smile grey eyes landscape scenic girl skirt hair ornament flower (flowers) plant (plants) tree (trees) seifuku pantyhose 274422 en

Tags: "ahoge" "blue eyes" "boots" "brown hair" "camera" "group" "hairpins" "happy" "short hair" "skirt" "sky" "vehicle" Artist: "Vania600" No text version: http://e-shuushuu.net/images/2010-08-12-313307.jpeg

Great anime/ecchi pictures and arts. / The best jokes (comics and images) about anime pictures, rating - anime)

The Art Of Animation

When I love you You are among stars called Fireflies the heavens pause and time slows as I become a witness to love