The garden to be

A wise man once called gardening "The slow play". It takes patience to create a beautifull garden and the enchantment lies in the everchanging-ness of this labour of love
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in backyard under oak tree.DIY easy maintenance for shady backyard - level desired lawn area. Place square pavers in checkerboard design. Fill in alternate squares with moss or low-growing mondo grass.

Bundle sticks, top with flat rock and put round rock on top.   Great garden decor idea!

Garden Art Anyone Can Create

Go to nature for simple (and super low-cost) ideas. Sticks and stones become unusual garden posts at a farmyard in west-central Wisconsin. Bundle sticks to create a decorative post, top it with a flat rock and place a round rock on top of that.

Come home kitty - and bring a bouquet!

Monet's Gardens at Giverny Monet's Gardens at Giverny. Pink cosmos and golden sunflowers tower above Fifi, the calico cat who resides in Monet's garden, as she strolls down a gravel path in the mist of dawn // photo by Elizabeth Murray c

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perfect garden hideaway lounge under the tree linen bed sofa outdoors backyard lounging relax reading nook

Garden gate by Bex Simon.  She is today’s leading female artist blacksmith who works in the Art Nouveau style.

Garden gate by Bex Simon. She is today’s leading female artist blacksmith who works in the Art Nouveau style. This looks like the style of the old Alice in Wonderland ride at Disneyland in California.


grow ivy type creeper on the pot itself. the pot looks wonderful sitting in the Japanese variegated hakone grass. It would work with hosta as well, but the hakone grass is a little more dynamic looking.

A curly patio - my jewelry blown up to x-tra large. What's not to love?

Eclectic Landscape/Yard with mosaic patio, DIY Spiral Rock Pebble Mosaic Path, exterior stone floors, Gold Standard Hosta

Water features in succession

It is an amazing idea to put fountain in the garden or backyard. Because of that, Top Dreamer today has for you unique backyard and garden fountains, which will make your outdoor space incredible.

Water features with large pots

'california beachouse patio with a fantastic idea ~ saves water (and is extremely 'eye pleasing') ~ 3 hand-thrown greek urns with antique spigots mounted on diagonal antique european tiles ❀ ~ ◊ photo via 'houzz' ideabook