Carsten Gregersen

Carsten Gregersen

Carsten Gregersen
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This venison burger recipe, made with bacon and egg to ensure moistness, turns out sweet, juicy burgers that you'll want long after deer season ends.

Venison Burgers Recipe, made these last night and they were delicious! They were better than beef burgers. I omitted the arugula. but other than that, I ground up the bacon with my attachment for my kitchen aid mixer

Venison Pastrami

Use about any cut of venison you'd like for this recipe, but I prefer the eye of round because it is thinner and requires less curing time. Any roast cut from the rear quarter or even a blade steak from the front shoulder would do.

Butterflied Elk Tenderloin, Prosciutto, Ricotta Cheese, Pesto, Garlic, Mushrooms and Leeks!

A wild game cookbook featuring over game recipes using elk, venison, antelope, bison, waterfowl & more.