Caroline Mathilde Juhl

Caroline Mathilde Juhl

Caroline Mathilde Juhl
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I have a gorgeous white distressed shelf that would look lovely with greenery on it above the bed...

Whether you plan on being awakened by prancing reindeer hooves or a visit from a Christmas ghost, you’ll probably sleep better Christmas Eve if your bedroom is decked out in holiday style.

Well, if you have been on Pinterest, you KNOW there is soooo much inspiration, especially around Christmas time. I could look at Christmas pictures all day long, could’t you? Well, here are a few that caught my eyes that I wanted to share with you today. source source source source source […]

Plaid Christmas Bedroom / Featuring white walls, Red Plaid Bedding from HomeGoods (sponsored) and a full spruce Christmas tree. How to decorate a white and red Christmas bedroom. a great idea for a guest room!

Speaking Portuguese

If you are thinking about learning Portuguese then you probably have a reason behind it. Maybe you plan to travel to either Portugal or Brazil, perhaps you have

Story Of My Life

OTPs trying to build IKEA furniture. I don't ship Destiel, and John and Sherlock are a brotp, but this is funny