Mason there anything they can't do? DIY bathroom organizer made w/ repurposed items

How-To: Mason Jar Bathroom Organizer

Mason Jar Bathroom Organizer for bathroom. This is a really great idea to maximize your bathroom counter space.doesn't look too bad either ;

Use boxes in this style, but some double and some open so that boots and shoes can be stored within. Wood plank on top as a bench.

Wire baskets for shoes. Wooden picking crates would work also, stack them lengthwise for runners etc and on their ends for boots. an idea to use these wire baskets in the mudroom closet?

DIY på badeværelse

DIY på badeværelse (livingonabudgetdk)

Ikea's wall-mounted shoe cabinets in black with light wood top. Top could be a bright color, like hot pink, turquoise or green. Not just for shoes! ;-)

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