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Nursing 101

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ChemTeam: Chemical Nomenclature
Naming Aromatics and Orto Meta Para substitutents on Benzene- Organic Chemistry Video Tutorial -


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How to Teach Problem-Solving to Kids (by age) – Big Life Journal

School RN

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Medical mission trips are a wonderful and unique opportunity to explore new cultures and to serve populations that really desperately need medical attention. Typically, these trips are great learni…
The first step of a medical mission trip is picking your destination. Read about some of the top locations here.
Volunteering at Home and Abroad: The Essential Guide for Nurses: 9781930538986: Medicine & Health Science Books @ Amazon.com

Medical missions

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Medical Spanglish

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Patient Education: 5 Nursing Tips in Creating Effective Written Teaching Aids
#Nurses, check out these tips on how to best educate patients on any subject, via @nursecribed.
Patient Education: 5 Nursing Tips in Creating Effective Written Teaching Aids…

Patient Education

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As nurses, we are expected to keep track of so much information, so I have created this detailed nursing report sheet that organizes all pertinent patient information onto a single page! This report sheet can be used in a variety of hospital settings, but works best if you are on a telemetry or medical-surgical unit. I am currently on both, and I use this report sheet every single shift!
This active learning template is a tool that helps nursing students create the perfect care plan by outlining various nursing diagnoses based on patient information and the appropriate nursing interventions and actions for each diagnosis! A must have for all nursing students struggling with those dreaded care plans!


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Vintage poster - Mustard Gas Poster


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7 Strange truths about the hospital-Thoughts of a kidney nurse. #hospital #nurseblog
Standardized Patient Lab | College of Nursing and Health Professions | Drexel University
Oral and maxillofacial surgery

Current hospitals

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Albert Einstein said “The definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result.” Is nursing burnout any different? #nurse #nursing #nurseburnout
How to take notes to optimize your studying time later on! Definitely the best tips for note taking in college.
1911 Cook county hospital and other early Chicago hospitals.

Chicago Hospitals

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ACLS in a page. Cardioversion. Cardiovert. Adenosine. Atropine. CPR. Epinephrine. Nursing school. Nursing. Code blue. EMT. Paramedic. Trauma. Heart attack. Cardiac arrest. Asystole.
ACLS: Crash course in crash carts : Nursing made Incredibly Easy
EMS SOLUTIONS INTERNATIONAL: The “Highlights of the 2015-2020 American Heart Association Guidelines for CPR and ECC “ / Summary of the main changes in the Resuscitation "Guidelines ERC GUIDELINES 2015" / Recomendaciones para la Resucitación 2015 del Conse


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Meds & Drugz

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This Psychiatric Medications Study Guide includes 5 pages worth of notes on the psych drugs nursing students must learn to ace pharmacology! This guide breaks down the medications based on drug classification and details the pharmacological action, therapeutic use, side effects, and nursing considerations. There is even a blank page included at the end of the guide to take notes!
The ADHD-Dopamine Link: Why You Crave Sugar and Carbs

Mental Health

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Diagnostic Labs, Tests, and Procedures

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Nurse Hacks

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Thyroid hormone differential
Learn the symptoms. Most hypoglycemic episodes occur when blood sugar is below 70 mg/dL. After taking medicines or insulin injections, pay attention to blood sugar at least one to two hours afterwards, when the risk of low blood sugar is at its highest. Test your blood sugar again, then eat another protein-rich snack 15 minutes later to stabilize it. Increase meal frequency. Drink, sleep, exercise. #can-be-cured #diabetes #control #in-kids
There are differences between Type I and Type II, this wonderful poster lays it all down showing which is which, as well


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Excited to share this item from my #etsy shop: Oxygen Delivery Devices Nursing Cheat Sheet


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When a nerve becomes compressed in the carpal tunnel, the obtained condition is called carpal tunnel syndrome. #carpaltunnel #health #syndrome #signs #medicine #treatment #healthcare #healthyliving
Multiple Sclerosis Nursing Care Plans


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Are you thinking of using your nursing degree for Aesthetic Nursing? Find out how I became an Aesthetic Nurse and what steps to take to become a Aesthetic Nurse as well. #nursing #Aestheticnursing #costmetics #beauty
#injectables #dermatology #considering #different #cosmetic #fillers #helpful #reasons #filler #botox #those #guide #botox #areas #hereBotox and Fillers are not the same. They can be used in some of the same areas, but they are used for different reasons. Here is a helpful guide for those of you who are considering
Washington is a diverse and beautiful state! Check out available travel nurse contracts in Washington. Cariant Health Partners | Travel Nurse Jobs


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MoonDragon's ObGyn Womens Health Information: Procedures - Suturing Techniques & Knot Tying


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Liver Cirrhosis Nursing Care Plans Nursing care planning for patients with liver cirrhosis includes promoting rest, providing adequate nutrition, skin care, reducing risk for injury, and monitoring and managing complications. Here are 8 liver cirrhosis nursing care plans (NCP)
A hernia occurs when contents of the abdomen, usually a portion of the intestine, protrudes through an area of weakened muscle or tissue. Types of hernias include: hiatal, inguinal, femoral, umbilical, and incisional. If a hernia becomes strangulated, emergency surgery must be performed to restore blood flow and to prevent bowel necrosis. #picmonic #mnemonic #nursingschool #nclex #study #infographic #hernia


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How to Identify Cardiac Arrhythmias (With Videos) - Nurseslabs
ECG reading takes some serious skill, a keen eye and a good theoretical foundations on the different dysrhythmias and the concepts around heart's conduction and about the ECG machine itself.
LITFL 100 ECG quiz. Clinical cases and self assessment to enhance interpretation skills through various EKG problems. Ideal preparation for examinations


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4 Herpes Zoster (Shingles) Nursing Care Plans
Influenza Nursing Care Plans

Immune/Lymphatic/Communicable Disease

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I want to work from home!
The easiest way to learn Chronic Kidney Disease Pathophysiology. This simple nursing school student studying tips will help you learn Chronic Kidney Disease (aka Chronic Renal Failure). This is one of the must-know topics that you will cover in nursing school.
Peritoneal Dialysis Nursing Care Plans


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