Crochet Abbreviations in US, UK, Danish and German

Crochet terms in US, UK, German and Danish

Translations of American crochet terms to UK, German and Danish in an easy readable chart. Crochet symbols and abbreviations in all languages.

Ravelry: Woodstock bird amigurumi pattern by Amanda L. Girão

Woodstock Inspired bird amigurumi pattern by Amanda L. Girão

KrudtuglensMor: Opskrift på hæklet mumi - fra gammelt håndarbejdsblad!!

KrudtuglensMor: DIY (In Danish) - Isn't that Shaniqua from Backyardigans?

Hæklenålen: Gratis opskrifter

Cute kitty crochet pattern- if your browser doesn't suck it will offer to translate the page for you automatically.