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Joining blanket squares

Joining blanket square Cast on three stitches on dpn. Slip last stitch to rh needle, pick up edge stick, pass slip stitch back to left needle, knit knit middle stitch, rot for pop edge

МК Спицы "Пришивная" планка.

МК Спицы "Пришивная" планка [ "This is in Russian but the photos are good. Attaching a knit placket", "Find and save knitting and crochet schemas, simple recipes, and other ideas collected with love.", " (Ideas from the Internet) / Crochet / Women

How to Knit a Perfect Edge

How to Knit a Perfect Edge One more thing to remember – if you are adding this edging to a scarf, for example, don’t forget to add 4 (for a double one) or 6 (for a triple one) extra stitches to your stitch count.