No-Dye Easter Eggs. Place glue dots on egg and roll in glitter.

Pretty No-Dye Easter Eggs

No-dye polka dot Easter eggs: just attach double-sided adhesive dots and roll in glitter. Super easyNo-dye polka dot Easter eggs: just attach double-sided adhesive dots and roll in glitter.

DIY: Salt Dough Eggs would love to do this with the kids and they make one every year

DIY: Salt Dough Eggs & Decorating A change up on easter egg decorating and hunts!

use a baby nasal syringe to blow the raw egg out of the shell! Great for Easter!

Egg Dyeing 101

Use a "New" baby nasal syringe to blow the raw eggs out of the shell!this sounds great, because I don't think I could blow raw eggs out of a shell.

DIY: Sprinkle Easter Eggs

DIY Sprinkle Easter Eggs

14 Fun Kids’ Craft Ideas for Easter -  Yarn eggs, Cotton sheep, Fun Easter rabbit hat, flower straws, feathered friends and more

Celebrate Easter 2012 with Easter Bunny Crafts for Kids. Discover Easy Holiday Easter Bunny Crafts for Kids. With other simple Easter Art Project Ideas and gifts.

diy // easter eggs

Decorating Easter Eggs can be fun but there are so many gorgeous ideas with original decorating tips that I'm sure it could be called 'art' as well. Ive seen golden easter eggs, black & white, all kinds of DIY crafty ideas for this Easter season.

Easy Easter candy holder paper craft for kids.  Designed by Amy Locurto at

DIY Easter Crafts for Kids, Paper Bunny Candy Holder, Easter paper craft# 2014 Easter Handpainted Paper Crafts

Adorable free printables for DIY Easter eggs with kids from @Marianne Tone Silveira Correa - Small for Big

Easter Egg Craft - Egg Decorating - Printables

Eggheads with growing hair - eggcelent kids activity for Easter.

Eggheads with cress hair

These eggheads with growing hair are an eggcelent kids activity for Easter. Set them up a few days in advance and you can enjoy a tasty egg and cress sandwich on Easter Sunday!

What a Gem    Kids can arrange adhesive-backed rhinestone jewels into one-of-a-kind designs on eggs. $5 for 3 sheets;

Dye-Free Easter Eggs

Uh-huh I'm sure I'm not going to do any of these but they sure are fooking cute. 15-easter-diy-crafts

15 Easter DIY Crafts

Take a new approach to egg decorating with this Egg Totem DIY from Mr.

rainbowsandunicornscrafts: DIY Free Printables for Egg People. The graphics and colors on these egg holders are really beautiful. Free printables from Mr. Printables here.

Decorate: Our Favorite Easter Egg DIYs!

Here at Blabla, we remember a simpler time of egg decoration, when our moms bought simple dyes from the store, and the only patterns availa.