Product niche location. Located high so as to not collect water and 'mold'. Does anyone have any better (ie. clean, simple, minimalist) solutions to this issue?

Vola thermostatic shower mixer with hand-shower # modern bathroom…

The "3D Printed Shoe" Fad: Ever since 3D printers were made relatively accessible, business-minded designers and students have been using them to develop the machine's niche in the fashion industry. Probably the most prevalent use of the 3D printer in fashion, aside from accessories like bracelets and rings, is shoes.    I've only seen a  couple I would actually invest in, nonetheless, people are using the technology.   #design #fashion #footwear #shoes #printing #3D #dimensional #technology

The Invisible Shoe Collection by Brazilian fashion designer Andreia Chaves is a unique series of shoes.

Product niches #brownpaper

There are 5 tips to buy these shoes: boots black zip zip gold skeleton spine scary goth goth grunge high heels platform kawaii pastel goth dope style black heels bones alternative hipster punk scene emo hardcore lita.

Lots of uses for Soapnuts! They are berries which can be used for washing clothes and making shampoos! 100% natural. #brownpaperau

Soapnuts are these marvelous berries that 'soap up' when you add them to your wash. Soapnuts work are a tremendously cheap and natural way to clean your clothes - and your dishes!

Armchair by Esedra- Polis | deco NICHE

Armchair by Esedra- Polis

New contemporary fashion jewellery store neony has announced its launch, with a debut London store situated on Goodge Street. Created by owner and founder Nicky Hadjithoma, the shop aims to deliver uniquely designed pieces at affordable prices in an avant garde setting. The store hopes to fill a niche in the market by offering collections from cutting edge European designers difficult to find elsewhere; designers include Francesca Villa, Gabriela Stafano, Maven, LTCH and Jalan Jalan.

New jewellery store Neony specialising in offbeat finds

The Blackboard Tablet is a simple reminder that we can use non-digital ways to communicate with family members and even make our famous lists. It offers good-old-fashioned fun and comes with a white bistro marker, although many colors of markers are available in craft stores. A considerate niche allows you to hang it up on the wall and its the perfect size to bring with you.

The Blackboard Tablet by Jonathan Dorthe

Tripping the Light Fantastic by Sharon Henderson of Marietta, Ga. 2013 NICHE Awards Finalist. Category: Jewelry, Fashion

Tripping the Light Fantastic by Sharon Henderson of Marietta, Ga.

black and white #model #scarf #aztec #navajo #fashion #nich #nichboutique #niche #boutique

black and white #model #scarf #aztec #navajo #fashion #nich #nichboutique #niche #boutique

Winter Trees by Laurie Leonard of Jeanette, PA. 2014 NICHE Awards Finalist. Category: Jewelry, Fashion. #jewelry, #fashionjewelry, #bracelet, #wintertrees, #trees

“Winter Trees” bracelet by Laurie Leonard, finalist in the 2014 Niche Awards, related necklace in 2015

Baguette bag by CYAN. Exclusively on Wowcracy. This bag is trending! Daily Mail 2300 more shares + new blog articles online every day! Click now to pre-order. Tomorrow's fashion today.

To help keep your fresh loaf of baguette safe, Ukraine-based brand CYAN has designed a protective bag called 'Baguette Bag'.

Inside & Out Earrings by Ashley Buchanan of Johnson City, TN. 2014 NICHE Awards Finalist. Category: Jewelry, Fashion. #earrings, #jewelry, #fashionjewelry

Ashley Buchanan: Inside and Out earrings

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Japanese Matcha Tea Set

Matcha Tea Set from Kenko Tea. Bamboo Whisk, Bamboo Scoop and Premium Grade Matcha