Magic circle crochet tutorial - Easy step-by-step directions!

Círculo mágico - crochet - Magic circle crochet tutorial - Easy step-by-step directions! I have been crocheting for longer than I want to admit and this is the one thing that still evades me.

Garnskifte - russisk metode

This is brilliant! For those who hate dealing with yarn ends at the end of project! Russian method for joining yarn ends. OH MY GOD why did I not know this? No more loose, ugly ends! Thank GOD.

Crochet Cloche Hats - Free Pattern

Crochet Cloche Hats The Best Free Collection

Magic Circle Tutorial by sweet.dreams

I use this for all of my crochet projects that call for a loop at the beginning - Crochet Magic Circle Tutorial @ DIY Home Ideas

free micro kitty crochet pattern

How To Make A Crochet Cat

blanket 1

DIY Gigantic Chunky Knit Blanket (complete with instructional video! Knit with PVC pipe.

fleur en papier + perle (patron)

Die cuts and pre-cut shapes for hand-made cards - Flower swirls - Garden made by Dianne

by GJ: DIY - Strikket karklud # 2 - Forskudt rib - Knitted dishcloth

This knitted dishcloth is a good beginner project. The gauge is not important, as the cloth doesn’t have to be a specific size.


Og du kan selv slå den store maske op: både merino-ulden og pindene i XXL størrelse kan du få med posten.

En side fyldt med hækleopskrifter, -ideer og -vejledninger. Fantastisk skattekiste

Tunisian Crochet Basics - Crochet Tutorials - Knitting Crochet Sewing Embroidery Crafts Patterns and Ideas!

Hvordan man hækler flade cirkler i fastmasker, stangmasker og dobbelte stangmasker.

Creating a flat Circle: Single Crochet [sc] : Start with 6 sc and increase 6 sc in each round so that the total stitch count in each round is a multiple of 6 Half Double Crochet [hdc] : Multiple of 8 Double Crochet [dc] : Multiple of 12

MiiMii - rękodzieło dla mamy i córki.: Magia szydełka- inspiracje,ściegi i wzory dla każdego.

vintage crochet ripple stitch pattern ♥ Feather and Fan Diagram Chart