Carsten Brøndum Knudsen

Carsten Brøndum Knudsen

Carsten Brøndum Knudsen
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How to make a lamp with a wood log? You may have wood logs available around you, or maybe a wood part too big to put in a fireplace. Make this amazing wood floor lamp as indoor or outdoor lighting!

How to Make a Bow and Arrow Part 1

How to make a bow and arrow - Roughed out Bows. I am making my own right now. Get a draw knife makes things easier<<<<It's a bow, not a bow and arrow. You don't say "Gun and bullet" or "Crossbow and bolt"

"DIY Archery"~~ so cool!

Red Oak Pyramid Bow - in woodworking but when you run out of bullets. you need bow and arrows during zombie apocalypse February 2015