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Vissevasse plakat KBNHVN - Dronning Louises bro

Poster from of the "Queen Louise's bridge" (Dronning Louise Bro). The bridge from 1887 crosses the Lakes in and is named after Queen Louise, who was married to Christian IX.

vissevasse plakat KBNHVN - Langebro – Vissevasse

Copenhagen poster by ViSSEVASSE. Stjerneporten is named after Carlsberg’s old trademark and once guarded the dury free area inside the brewery.


Once upon a time - a thousand years ago - there was a king of DENMARK named Gorm the Old. All through the years his family has ruled the oldest kingdom of the world, and the present queen Margrethe II is a descendant of the old king Gorm.

Begivenheder - Vikingeskibsmuseet Roskilde

Begivenheder - Vikingeskibsmuseet Roskilde

Ladby Skibet                                                                                                                            Plus

Ladby Skibet Plus