Thomas Boné Skjærbæk Ottesen

Thomas Boné Skjærbæk Ottesen

Thomas Boné Skjærbæk Ottesen
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alcool (alcoolisme, mort, URSS) vintage

When you feel that urge and youre right on the brink, then remember: a popular poison is Drink.

Alcohol, It is not the answer, it is the reason for it all. Think.

alcoholism conscious finds - As alcohol increases its presence in society, individuals must try to counteract its intoxicating appeal. These alcoholism conscious finds make it .

The affects of Alcohol! Tell me again how the doctors are saying moderate alcohol consumption is good for you?

Bruce Algra's Harmful Effects of Alcohol Poster explains the long-term effects of alcohol abuse has on the human body. A great addition to any health or educational facility.

Anti alcohol campaign in USSR

Soviet poster Anti alcohol campaign USSR Russia x inches