The new Sonos Play: 1 is one of the best wireless audio systems and now, more affordable. Yay! (Dear Santa...)

Next up in our 2013 Holiday Tech Gifts series: From headphones to retro speakers, the coolest audio gifts for the music lovers on your holiday list.

It's my beloved umbrella! I had to abandon it in France because it wouldn't fit in my (already overweight) luggage...

Sky Umbrella Humor and surprise are two of the designer Tibor Kalman’s hallmarks, as witnessed by this view of a blue sky on a most probably gray day. MoMA’s witty umbrella with an eternally cheerful sky is known and enjoyed throughout the world.

Læs om Transfervindue - fortællinger om de raskes fejl. Udgivet af Politiken. Bogens ISBN er 9788740036534, køb den her

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All glerups are made of pure, natural wool that is soft and itch-free. Glerups are available in multiple colors for men and women.

Vi har testet vaffeljern. Bliver vaflerne sprøde og gyldne, og er lys- og lydindikatorerne tydelige. Se her, hvilket vaffeljern der blev bedst i test.

Vaffeljern: 10 modeller i test 2016 - Bedst i test 2016 - Testet i virkeligheden

Læs om Ting, min søn skal vide om verden. Bogens ISBN er 9788771592344, køb den her

Bogens ISBN er køb den her

Læs om Den ensomme gourmet. Bogens ISBN er 9788771760453, køb den her

Bogens ISBN er køb den her

Bokanmeldelse: Sofi Oksanen: «Norma» - Bokanmeldelser - VG

From the internationally acclaimed author of Purge and When the Doves Disappeared, comes a deliciously dark family drama that is a searing portrait of both the exploitation of women's bodies and the extremes to which people will go for the sake of beauty.

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