Seriously great teen gift idea. Could prove expensive when our smallest (Australian) note is $5

Creative cash gift: Use Washi tape to tape dollar bills together, and put them in an old tissue box. "Don't blow it all in one place"

money tree card- fun way to give money for the holidays

money tree card- fun way to give money for the holidays. Great way to win our Christmas card contest

MONEY-FILLED VINTAGE SUITCASE; maybe adapt an Altoid tin ot the suitcase using vintage papers... Love the origami clothes!

Stamp Talk with Tosh: Money-filled Vintage Suitcase, Waltzingmouse Stamps

My LDS & Other Projects: A New Kind of Wrapping (Part 1)

Will make them wonder: How do I get the stuff out? How did it get in there in the first place? Great way to wrap a gift card or money by hiding it in the middle.

The more I prosper, the more others prosper!

Money Tree / If you are bored of giving money gifts in plain boring envelopes, try the gift of money tree. It is a simple idea, where a real or artificial potted plant is used to staple or 100 dollar bills as leaves on it.