Ceramic Ornament with Star Anise Impressions Christmas Holiday Decoration Evergreen Tree - Set of 3


Agateware pottery features swirling, marbleized colors and was probably first developed to imitate the qualities of agate, a semi-precious s.

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I love these DIY garden markers from this 50 Tiny And Adorable DIY Gifts roundup

Jeg bruger pinterest ret så meget i perioder for inspiration til arbejde eller til boligen – I kan finde mig HER. Min største besættelse pt er at finde billeder af pænt keramik. Jeg tror min fascination kommer helt fra barns ben. Min farfar samlede på glas og min farmor på keramik, så jeg har altid fundet det vildt fascinerende. I’m a heavy user of pinterest. I use it both for work and for decor inspiration – you can find me HERE. Right now my biggest obsession is to find pictures of…

碗 I would love to make a set of dishes like this. They would be really pretty in a darker salmon color, or in raiku style natural glazes.

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Geometric Hanging Planter - Triangle Pot with Dots Design - Meduim Size - Modern Home Decor - Aqua Mist - Ready to Ship

Texture with Pasta!

Activities You’ll Want to Copy + Pasta Into Your Afternoon

A simple and brilliant idea to be realized at school with clay slabs: colored tiles imprinted with different shapes of pasta. Farfalle, penne, fusilli or spaghetti become interesting tools to creat…

Raku black and white vases, ceramic vases set, sea anemone vase, pottery…

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Raku black and white vases, ceramic vases set, sea anemone vase, pottery…