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Christmas Snowman Cupcake Recipe - (Click Photo)

Who could resist these sweet little Marshmallow Snowman Cupcakes. They’re almost too cute to eat! It’s a quick and easy recipe. You will enjoy and your kids will love helping to decorate them. Click below link for tutorial DIY Marshmallow Snowman Cupcakes

10 Fondue Recipes for Easy Holiday Magic (Click Photo)  / Did you know You can Add Santa to "Your" photos for pure Holiday Magic! Try it out Free at or use code "santa50" for 50% Off

Beer and Cheddar Fondue Recipe Looking for a simple yet special starter? Try this savory blend of cheddar and American cheeses, garlic, and light beer.

Add this cute little cookie recipe to your Christmas party menu. Easy to make ahead, just fill the center of each treat with cherry preserves before guests arrive.

Both Cherries and Almonds Fight Inflammation. This cookie might be better than just your average Christmas cookie. They sound pretty darn tasty too :) 25 Days of Christmas Cookies: Cherry-Almond Meringue Cookies

Chocolate Kisses xoxo   chocolate chip cookie dough,  unsweetened cocoa powder,  chocolate-flavor sprinkles,  milk,  dark chocolate kisses unwrapped

Super-Duper Chocolate Kisses Cookies ~ Made with store-bought refrigerated cookie dough; add some cocoa powder, shape the cookies, roll in sprinkles. Bake 8 minutes, remove from oven & press a chocolate kiss in the middle of each cookie immediately.

12apr14  Red Velvet Peppermint Cake

Red Velvet Peppermint Cake - Cake Mix Recipes for Christmas Cakes - Southernliving. Recipe: Red Velvet Peppermint Cake 1998 The marbled layers seemed like a good idea at the time, but to get picture-perfect peppermint swirls, we bake and frost 27 layers.

Hot Cocoa Cupcakes Recipe - Best Cupcake Recipe of All time! (Click Photo for Recipe)

Christmas hot cocoa cupcakes Start w/ chocolate cupcakes Frost w/ buttercream or marshmellow icing Add mini marshmellows to top, sprinkle a few mini chocolate chips and crushed peppermint. Tuck a mini candy cane on the side as shown.