Betina Christiansen

Betina Christiansen

Betina Christiansen
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The modern candle holder from the Hammershøi range is designed by Hans-Christian Bauer and inspired by Svend Hammershøi, who worked as an artist at Kähler's old workshop.

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Expand your Hammershøi collection with this centrepiece vase from Kähler. Use the large vase as a unique design statement.

The Hammershøi design vases from Kähler are inspired by the Svend Hammershoei vase and have been reinterpreted by Hans-Christian Bauer into modern vases.

Se den elegante design-vase fra Kählers Hammershøi-serie

Leave the white Hammershøi vase on its own as a unique design statement or let it form part of an elegant design tableau.