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Silly Anders

I laughed too much at this. Only those who both watch the Big Bang Theory and play Dragon Age will understand, but this almost made me pee!

Qunari by Ataashi on deviantART

Loosely based off of the concept art. Qunari belong to Bioware Qunari


This right here is how the female qunari should have been done. There are feminine qunari out there, yes, but I still find it hard to believe that Bioware couldn't do what was above: strong, dominant air, but still a woman in face shape and body.

Qunari female by on @deviantART

Yes I draw Qunari again, I love the Qunari and I hope in the "Inquisition" we will show the female race tal-vashoth. This time I did not draw her full height, so as not to annoy some individuals ha.