Vintage loveliness. ooohhh mmmyyy wwwooorrrddd

Beautiful mint green dress, with lovely bejeweled details I fell in love! It's too beautiful! What magnificence! This color is WOW!


Can't we just wear skirts and dresses everyday? Outfit Image Via: Britta Nickel Ideas for a black maxi skirt

This coat!

Kirsten Dunst in Lula Magazine, Kenzo Fall 2007 RTW embellished coat. Jiminy Christmas, that coat is lovely.

delicate dresses with leather jackets = delish

I would totally wear this. Edgy leather jacket and a floaty maxi dress. I used to wear a black leather jacket with dresses all the time when I was younger.

yo-yo quilt

256 yoyos sewn together. At the moment they are in rectangles of yoyos, I'll sew them into bigger squares later on. I am loving it so far, but it will be a long term work in progress.

cute dress cute smile cute hair

Eva Fontanelli, Milan, via All The Pretty Birds Heel detail - Update an…