Digital highlighter! Text goes directly to your computer! Genius!  I WANT IT!

Digital highlighter - Text goes directly to your computer! Genius this would have been good for grad school!

If you need to do a lot of network testing, the Raspberry Pi's a great, cheap way to do it. NetPi is a custom operating system that includes all the tools you'll need.

NetPi Turns Your Raspberry Pi Into a Network Analyzer Tool

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Low cost reliable & powerfull laser engraver

Low Cost Reliable & Powerfull Laser Engraver

How to build home entertainment network |

Home entertainment network allows you to enjoy the movies and media files from any where in the house. Check here for how to build home entertainment network.

Help me scratch build a SFF case!

I want to make this case Since the recently released Titan is partially marketed as a low tdp great performance card for small form factor gamers,I set out to see, if.

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Pelican Products Super V rack mount hard case for your blade server, pc computer, & road studio gear. USA made plastic protective rackmounts.