Embroidery Hoop thread organizer. And look at the one with hooks in the background!

Is your sewing room starting to become a mess? Don't fret, these sewing room DIY organization ideas will solve that. Get ready to be organized today!

Terrific idea for tread storage. She also uses little slices of clear plastic tubing (one little spot cut open) to snap around the thread in the bobbin to keep it from unraveling. Genius.

This is a good idea.I Love the Bobbin Holder right by the Thread! Found at - The Creative Homemaker: Sewing {Thread} Holder

Tasseaux de bois+ piques à brochettes=rangement de bobines ET canettes!

DIY Wooden Dowel Organizer for thread in the sewing room - If you're in need of craft storage ideas for your craft room then this list is exactly what you need to read!

Long Arm thread storage

Long Arm thread storage - no pattern or diagrams. Love the space for rulers/templates in the front and a secure, steady place for bobbin winder

Plastic canvas dividers - such a simple idea, but positively brilliant at the same time!

I was asked how I make these organizing units. I have spent a lot of time re-organizing. If I spent half the time ac.

Coloured thread on wood | ©Kirstievn, via flickr

I feel like this is a very sucessful way of displaying a colour pallette, however I would be worried that it would look too clumpy as a wall hanging, However, I will still consider testing it out.

Spool quilts are a bit hot right now. But I think this is the best one I've seen. By A Little Bit Biased

These spools are fun. And fun is good. Pattern = Spools by Camille Roskelley. Fell in love with it HERE . You may be wonderin.

DIY thread holder... With bobbins underneath.

DIY chevron sewing thread board for ample storage and great display. Can even keep the nails long enough to store the bobbins with the spools

Thread spools with needle brooches. Made with freehand machine embroidery and appliqué

Thread spools with needle brooches. Made with freehand machine embroidery and appliqué pinned by helena Cilgaard