castillo de cartón

great for Montessori dioramas like infancy narratives. DIY Interlocking cardboard castle for all little knits and princess

Afbeelding van de traktatie Ridder lolly

Little knight made from a sucker.handout idea "remember to put on the whole armor of God" used with D&CL (look best with feather-I cut the silver squares from printout into shields)

Noodle Stick Horses - old pool noodles get another get a second life as stick horses. This is just a fantastic idea for a Princess and Knight Party

Noodle Stick Horse

The Pinspired Mom: DIY- Noodle Horses/Pegasus (Flying Derby Ponies! You could use these pool noodle ponies for a unicorn, My Little Pony or horse themed party. Cardboard cones could be added to make a unicorn

helmet and shield knight-Use pic for inspiration...the directions are in another language

Casque de chevalier 1