Their new song Dance With Me was so inspirational as a former dancer, (and gymnast) it hit me in the feels so hard😂

My cutiess ❤

My cutiess ❤❤ I love them I love Marcus and Martinus They Are soo cuteeee❤❤


Mac you are ever thing. Not everyone in Trofors do this. MM'ers love you more than your future girlfriend will.

<p>UNGPIKEIDOLER: Tvillingene Marcus og Martinus Gunnarsen (13) fra Trofors i Nordland.<br/></p>

Twin Brothers Marcus og Martinus Gunnarsen Photo: Twin Brothers Marcus and Martinus Gunnarsen , singers from Trofors Norge Norway.


Anyone know who's stronger Marcus or Martinus?

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Er vist vilde med Snapthat eller hvad det hedder

Er vist vilde med Snapthat eller hvad det hedder

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Today is a beautiful day♡ mac&tinus

I cant wear all white cause it would get stained lmao

STOP IT their just standing there and they look fricken hottttt it's true looks can kill I think I felt my heart stop