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Pretty Dead Girls by Monica Murphy

Looking for a good book? Check out this list of January to March 2018 new releases. Plenty Of must-reads to add to your collection!

Adam Haslett's IMAGINE ME GONE.

**Adam Haslett's IMAGINE ME GONE - the quiet and compassionate saga of a family whose world is shaped by mental illness and the challenges and joys of caring for each other.

I got about 1/3 of the way through this book and had to request the sequel (The Dark Monk) from the library. I'm half way through that and just had to request the next in the series. Read these!

The Hangman's Daughter, Oliver Potzsch - This is a historical thriller set in but it piqued my interest when I saw it at the bookstore. Enjoyed this one a lot, even though it was a bit different from my usual fare.