Christmas Reindeer Mini Donuts

Christmas Reindeer Mini Donuts - quick and easy. Mini chocolate donuts, pretzels, m peanuts (I'm sure you could substitute for another red candy if you need peanut-free)

Rainbow sticks! Good 'kid' party food. :-)

RAINBOW STICKS: These look really effective, don't they? You could make and eat these in combination with learning the rainbow song, finding out about different colours (for younger children), or learning about the role of colours in food and health (for

rainbow party games

DIY Sponge balls for outdoor water parties. -easier for mommy than filling dozens of water balloons!

Realistic Coloring Pages of Animals | Badger Coloring Pages Realistic | Realistic Coloring Pages

Badger coloring page printable - Animal Town - Badger free printable coloring pages animals - color sheet - animal coloringbook

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